What my career taught me

As many of you know, I am a counselor who works with children and I often look with concern at the world they are facing right now. Media messages, clothes, music, etc., make them grow up very fast. Values such as innocence and respect for the body have gone out of style inside and outside the home.

It started

I realized of

I realized the need to dress a kids according to their age, as an important part of their life processes, that's why we create high quality handmade products so that your kids not only look beautiful, but also dress according to their age; If you are a mother who takes care of even the smallest detail of your children's lives, this is for you!

The aha moment

My mission

Liz Verona is committed to sell high-quality custom products to dress kids in Western culture by providing them with high-quality products that honor their age and innocence, while encouraging them to recognize their natural and unique beauty.

We work for

My goal

My goal is to help children understand the value of their body at a young age and enjoy their childhood as long as possible because it is a time that will not come back.

Let's change the world of children

I believe it's paramount to create a committed and genuine community that has a positive influence on kids’s lives beyond the relationship with a kid. With more information than ever, it seems that children are more educated and safer. However, experience has shown us otherwise. That is why my goal is to help parents understand the importance of their children's innocence and to raise awareness of how the way we dress a child contributes to this.