The Minieducators

We want to introduce our sweet bunnies Sophia, Britney, Johnny, Li and Mohamed. Five kids just like you, who go to Veronita Elementary School. There they met and developed a strong friendship. They like to share the lunch time, playing, and having many adventures together. Through them we promote education as a resource to help children to develop strong values. We also promote the value of innocence as a way to raise healthy and happy children, and without a doubt, we encourage the children imagination and dreams about endless possibilities.

Sophia Hernandez

Sophia Hernandez is a seven years old female, who lives in Boise, Idaho with her parents Lupita and Jose. Sophia also has two siblings, one older called Johnny and one younger called Maria Luisa. Sophia and her brother Johnny study at the same school, Veronita Elementary School. She is in third grade and her brother Johnny is in fourth grade already. They are children of Mexican immigrants and because of that they speak Spanish and English. Sophia is a girl who likes to learn about different topics, she is also very curious, she likes to explore, but above all she likes to share what she learns with others. That is why she makes weekly videos to teach other children what she learns. Sophia loves music and takes bachata classes. She also loves making friends.

Britney Smith

Brittney Smith is a seven years old female, who lives in Meridian, Idaho. Brittney’s parents Mr. Mark and his wife Liz Smith are from Idaho, so they know the Valley very well. Mr. Smith is a lawyer, and this is why Britney most of the time is thinking about the low and following the rules. Britney was doing home school, but she started behaving badly and because of that her parents thought that it was good to send her back to school to make some friends and to start a social life. Britney loves animals and the sea. She wants to be a biologist. Britney was a little bit picky, but coming to Veronita school helped her to developed social skills and to work in a team group.

Johnny Hernandez

Johnny Hernandez is an eight year old boy and yes, he is Sophia's older brother. As we mentioned before, he is a third grade student. Johnny likes cars and dreams of owning a car dealership. He plays with his friends Li and Mohamed to drive the best cars in the world. Johnny is very energetic and goofy and because of this he easily gets into trouble. However, Johnny has a big heart. Also, he is goal oriented, especially when it comes to helping others. Johnny seems a bit headstrong, but he's charming and adorable.

Li Ching

Li Wei Ching is the oldest son of Mr. Li Wei and Mrs. Alana Ching. His grandfather is a Chinese immigrant who served in WWII, and then, moved to L.A.. The Ching’s own a Chinese restaurant called The Ching-Ching-Ching. Honoring the three generations of Ching's in the country. Li likes learning cooking and also, he loves eating, this is why he is a little bit chunky. Li dreams of owning a restaurant when he grows up. Li is smart and disciplined. Pluss, he shows respects for the family traditions and his parents feelings. Li is really shy, his cheeks blushed, even in her dreams. He loves his friend Johnny because even though, Johnny is a bit irreverent, he knows Johnny’s heart. In addition, he is a really close friend of Sophia!

Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed and his family are from Damascus, Sirya. Mr. Ahmad Hassan and his wife Amina had to leave the country two years ago due to the conflicts in the region. They live in this country as refugees. Mohamed's parents believe that he doesn't remember things about Siry because he was only five years old when they moved to the US, but the reality is that he remembers many things and misses his friends Ahmad and Abdel. That's why it's been helpful for him to make new friends like Johnny and Li. Mohamed has a pet, a kitten named Muezza. One of his main dreams is to one day visit the Umayyad Mosque in his country.